Anonymous said: how much would a commission from you cost?

Hi there, thank you so much for the interest! As for personal commissions, the starting price is €100 for a portrait, and going up depending on the details (:

After a bit of a rough time with art where I was pushing myself too much, I felt the need to do something simple and not worry if it’s my greatest picture ever. This was the result! (: Hope you like it!
This is another cover for Stephanie Whitlock, this time for her not yet released book, The Siren’s Call! This was such a fun commission, especially because I love painting eyes of course omggg <3 Hope you enjoy!
*giggle* Something completely different! This is the book cover for Bart Hamilton’s Lords of Vengeance, out now on Amazon Kindle!
Hi tumblr! My gosh, it’s been a few months since I’ve posted some new art. I’ve been working like crazy and when I have time for art, it’s art I can’t show you guys yet >w< But luckily that’s about to change! <3Here is the artwork I did for the charity artbook! It took me a few weeks to finish, that’s how much I struggled with this, but it’s for such a good cause it’s more then worth it. :)
About the charity artbook:All profits are donated to the Dreams Come True Charity whose goal is to to bring joy to seriously and terminally ill children along with other young people who lives in suffering to make their dreams come true. Help us in granting these children their wishes! Donation packages are avaliable as well.

Preorders end November 21st, after that normal orders will open. Preoder now and get some free additional items!! The books and items will be shipped out shortly afterwards. We only accept payments via Paypal.
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Something between bigger projects! :)