I decided it was time for me to finally design some more detailed character :> The dagger can absorb different properties of the surroundings to damage enemies, in this case it’s time to freeze xD 
If you would like to see my process of this painting with some explaining, please click here.
Gift: Magic Book by Zolaida
A gift for a friend! :D
:) I love b/w painting. I really do.
Book cover: Little Belle Gone by Zolaida

Commission done last year, now the digital book’s finally out!

Hi lovely tumblr peeps! I’m fully back from my vacation from Tenerife now, back at work and finally, painting. I’m hoping I can have some more updates, although I forgot how hard that is with a full time job orz But look what I had waiting for me when I came home from work, I’m definitely inspired now :D <3

Until soon~ :)

Anonymous said: your art is fantastic! Do you by any chance take commissions?

Thank you so much! I do take commissions, but only special cases atm. I will announce when I’ll be fully open again :) I first want to get better! Thank you very much for the interest <3

Something simple and relaxing I drew when I was sick last week :)
I am going on a two weeks vacation to Tenerife tomorrow, so I am sorry if I don&#8217;t respond to any messages! Take care everyone! :D

Thank you so much! <3 And of course, as long as it’s for personal use, do whatever you’d like! Credit is, of course, more then appreciated :)

I just enjoy your artistic fantasy


Hahaha I freaking love your blog man <3 I have a special folder with “master” paintings, mostly filled from your blog!

Princess Zelda, I&#8217;m going to call this finished :)

Hi everyone!

A couple of months ago, ImagineFX asked me if I wanted to be featured in their FXposé. I, of course, responded with an hell yes! So I got really happy when I found they featured me in this month’s issue! So, if you have the magazine or find it lying in a store, go check it out! I haven’t got the issue yet, because I can’t buy it anywhere near me, unfortunately. Luckily someone at DA (artratene) was amazingly kind enough to offer me some photo’s, and here they are!

Take care everyone <3

+Head Reference for Artist - Female - Lighting


just found a very helpful video for head+lighting reference

Just when I needed this!

My favorite summon in the Final Fantasy series, Shiva! From Final Fantasy X :) Can&#8217;t wait to see her in HD next month!
DS friend code!

Hi everyone! Something art-unrelated~

I got a 3DS a few weeks back and now it seems fun to make some more friends on that thing! So if anyone with a DS wants to, my friend code is: 1392-5528-7493, and the name’s Lisa. :3

Oh and, leave an “ask” or comment with your friend code too :)

Take care everyone~!


Thought I&#8217;d share the Zelda sketch I have lying around! It&#8217;s not finished yet, it needs some serious tweaking (you can&#8217;t really see that she&#8217;s holding a sword for example haha) but it&#8217;s getting there! Zelda is one of my childhood game series which I still play to this date, so I am going to make sure this will be one of the best paintings I&#8217;ve ever made &gt;:) Have to do my childhood characters justice!!