Something between bigger projects! :)

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to start trying to have an ArtStation account :)

My profile is here!

Let me know if any of you are on there too! :D

relion asked you:

you art is phenominally beautiful! i’m the same age as you and im in awe of your skill. i hope i can become as skilled as you one day! sending love <3

Omggg thank you SO much! I’m so happy you like my art! Pfff you’ll be MUCH better then me <3 Lots of love back!

lulles asked you:

Hi! Could you tell me what brush/brush settings you used for your Gabriella painting? Thanks~

Hi Lulles! Sorry for the late response! For my Gabriella painting I actually just used a round hard brush:

I blend with it as well; it’s how I get those roughie brushstrokes I like doing lately… Hope this helped a bit! :)

kateycake asked you:

Heya! Just added your friend code! Mine is 3926-5606-7378

Thank you so much! I added you as well! :D

Luka again! :) Practiceee
First version: lololol (2011)
Had fun with this one, hope you like it :)
Gabriella, finished :D
Here&#8217;s a work in progress! :) It was time to finally draw my character Gabriela again~
My favorite female game character &lt;3Yuna is always the strongest member in my party :D And she&#8217;s so kind, and strong, and adorable and ahhhh &lt;3
I decided it was time for me to finally design some more detailed character :&gt; The dagger can absorb different properties of the surroundings to damage enemies, in this case it&#8217;s time to freeze xD 
If you would like to see my process of this painting with some explaining, please click here.